Of Hills, Tombs & Castles

Escape with us into the remarkable history of the Boyne Valley and lose yourself in the stories that span several thousand years!

Collection is from your accommodation and we will visit the following sites:



Hill of Tara

Bective Abbey

The Loughcrew Hills are strewn with cairns, dating around 5,800 years old, along with standing stones, kists and other burials but the centre pieces are Cairns T and L on opposite peaks and their ruined satellite tombs. Cairn T is open to the public and hosts a large amount of carvings in its central and recessed chambers.

Kells Monastic Site is where the incomparable Book of Kells was kept safe for 850 years. See the 9th century High Crosses, the Round Tower and the scriptorium known as Columcille’s House, where the Book of Kells may have been written/completed and which appears in the carpet page (fully decorated page) known as “The Temptation of Christ”.

The Hill of Tara is best known as the seat of the High Kings of Ireland over thousands of years and has been an important site since the discovery of a late Stone Age passage tomb.Mellifont Abbey was the first Cistercian Abbey to be built in Ireland. Founded in 1142 on the orders of St. Malachy, Archbishop of Armagh, Mellifont Abbey sits on the banks of the River Mattock, some 10 km northwest of Drogheda.

Bective Abbey, a Cirstercian abbey, was founded in 1147, though much of the remaining ruins date from the 15th century, and overlooks the Boyne River. Hugh de Lacy, who built Trim Castle, was buried there before being moved to Dublin.

Due to its castle-like qualities, the site was also chosen as a location for the 1995 film 'Braveheart'.

Notes: As we will be walking over uneven terrain, please wear comfortable footwear with a good grip.

1 to 2 people €320.00.
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7 to 14 people €480.00.

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The costs do not include refreshments, but we will make stops at eateries that serve locally sourced foods.

The costs do not include entry fees. On this day tour you will need to pay entry fees into Trim Castle & Newgrange - prices can be found here.

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