Of Hills, Tombs & Castles

Escape with us into the remarkable history of the Boyne Valley and lose yourself in the stories that span several thousand years!

Collection is from your accommodation and we will visit the following sites:


The Hill of Slane

Trim Castle

Newgrange, a passage tomb in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Brú na Bóinne complex, built around 3200 BC during the Neolithic period, which makes it older than the Great Pyramid of Giza! It was built by the Neolithic farmers.

When you visit Newgrange you will see a re-enactment of how the sunlight lights up the back kerbstone at specific times of the year and you will learn what we know about the people of this era and their motivation for building this and other monuments throughout Ireland.

The Hill of Slane, according to tradition is where in 433, in defiance of the pagan High King Laoire, St. Patrick lit a Paschal fire ahead of the High King’s right to light the first great fire on the Hill of Tara for the spring equinox. It was forbidden to light any other fire until this one was ablaze. Though angry, Laoire was so impressed by Patrick’s devotion he allowed him to continue his missionary work.

After lighting the Paschal Fire, St. Patrick made his way to the Hill of Tara in order to confront the ancient religion at its most powerful site. This hill is best known as the seat of the High Kings of Ireland but has been an important site since the discovery of a late Stone Age passage tomb.

Trim Castle is Ireland's largest Anglo-Norman castle, and constructed over a 30 year period, starting in circa 1176 AD, by Hugh de Lacy and his son Walter as the home of the Lordship of Meath. The castle was used as one of the film locations for “Braveheart”, starring Mel Gibson.

Notes: As we will be walking over uneven terrain, please wear comfortable footwear with a good grip.

1 to 2 people €320.00.
1 to 4 people €350.00.
1 to 10 people €400.00.
7 to 14 people €480.00.

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The costs do not include refreshments, but we will make stops at eateries that serve locally sourced foods.

The costs do not include entry fees. On this day tour you will need to pay entry fees into Trim Castle & Newgrange - prices can be found here.

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